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The primary mission of the Michigan Veterans Foundation is to fill the gaps that currently exist in providing services to Michigan's veterans.


The Michigan Veterans Foundation is a non-profit agency.  Our main project is the Detroit Veterans Center - a well planned and well - supported community effort.  The Foundation has been asked to expand it's services to several other cities in Michigan , and currently has plans to open other facilities strategically located throughout the State of Michigan.


The Detroit Veterans Center is a transitional housing facility and resource center. The DVC provides the skills and confidence needed for homeless veterans to break the cycle of homelessness and return to independent living.  This includes the specific goals of residential stability, increased skill level, increased income and greater self-determination to ogtain and maintain self-sufficiency.

The Detroit Veterans center began operating in 1989.  The DVC is a veteran-initiated project that is operated by veterans. Homeless veterans are a unique goup within the homeless population  When a veteran returns to civilian life after their service in the military (especially those serving in war-time), they often return home to fragmented families, and difficulties with the reintegration process multiply. The unique nature of the DVC with its back to basics, military approach i.e., barracks-style quarters, squad leaders, moving up through the ranks etc. addresses the special needs of homeless veterans. The program rebuilds the sense of belonging and pride that the veteran had during his service years. 



The Detroit Veterans Center is available to any veteran who is willing to make the commitment to turn his or her life around for the better.

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6.8% of the population are veterans 35% of the homeless are veterans.
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